Guilford County – Greensboro Outer Loop Grading Project

Guilford County

Greensboro Eastern Loop

From North of US-70 to US-29 North of Greensboro


Smith-Rowe was awarded a subcontract to move approximately 800,000 cy of dirt on the Greensboro Eastern Loop from Flatiron Constructors Inc. and Blythe Development Co., A Joint Venture. Our work is part of the larger 1,279,000 cy Unclassified and 2,188,000 cy Borrow Excavation project . The project bid on June 17, 2014, and is scheduled for completion by December 28, 2018.

Smith-Rowe’s portion of the project involves the grading operation between Rankin Mill Road and US-29 North of Greensboro. We moved in a fleet of “Heavy Iron” in June 2015, and started laying bottom pipes in preparation for the grading work to ensue. Crews have been pushing as much as possible during this wet fall to move up to 16,000 cy per day in order to help meet the schedule. To date, we have moved approximately 391,000 cy of unclassified material, 225,000 cy of borrow, and have laid almost 5000 lf of storm drain pipe ranging from 15″ to 66″. We look forward to starting back up in spring ’16 and helping others on their way to completing this project on time. We are also providing existing bridge demolition and pile predrilling on his project.


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