Utilities / Storm Drain

Smith-Rowe started its utility work in King, NC, in 2007, with an intricate water and sewer line relocation for a road widening valued at about $2 million as part of a larger $15 million roadway project. Since then, our utility crews have mainly been supporting the larger bridge and roadway groups with water, sanitary sewer, and storm drain work to the tune of several million dollars a year. We have recently added crews and are bidding stand alone utility projects as well, such as the Surry County Sanitary Sewer District and 89 Corridor Project valued at about $4.5 million. This careful growth of pipeline expertise has positioned Smith-Rowe well for a competitive future within the utility industry, handling the smallest waterline relocation around a new bridge footprint, to the larger multi-million dollar projects that are sure to come as municipal and county facilities continue to age and become outdated.