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Tom Perry

Truck Driver

"I have been employed full-time with Smith-Rowe since 2012 as a Heavy-Haul Truck Driver.  It has been a great opportunity to be part of a growing family-based company where I am considered an asset to the Smith-Rowe team and not just a number!  New equipment is provided on a regular basis.  The company has provided flexibility when the need arises for time off for personal or family needs.  Great opportunities for ample overtime.  Comprehensive benefits package includes health insurance, life insurance and 401k.  My hope is to continue with Smith-Rowe until the day I decide to retire."

Darren Fann

Bridges/Structures - Foreman

"I started in bridge construction in 2005, at 18 years old.  I wasn't looking for a career, just a job to get me through. On August 12, 2011, I came to Smith-Rowe as a carpenter. I became a Foreman after 1 year of being in the Smith Rowe family.  After 7.5 years, I was offered a position with a competing company, along with a competitive salary. For anybody wondering, The grass isn't as green on the other side.  After 4 days away, I called Locke Rowe, and was welcomed back like family.  All it took, was 4 days away from home!  At Smith-Rowe, you truly are a part of a huge family.  Your concerns will be heard, your needs will be met, and your prayers will be answered."

Robert Nicholas

Utility Equipment Operator

"I enjoy coming to work every day because of the way we all come together as a team and a family!"

Integrity, honesty, honor, and respect is at the heart of all Smith-Rowe projects. We always value the people for whom we work for, with a strong emphasis on quality and owner satistfaction.

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