Walls & Foundations

Walls & Foundations

Smith-Rowe began building noise walls in 1994 as a subcontractor in Guilford County. Over the years, we have completed, or currently working on, over Fifty wall projects and have acquired several dedicated, specialty wall/drilling crews. Current capabilities include Sound Barrier Walls, Pile Panel Walls, Soldier Pile Walls, Soil Nail Walls, Pile Excavation/Other Drilling, Tie-Back Walls, Sheet Pile Walls, and MSE Walls. Our work has carried us all over the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia. We are currently finishing up a 500,000 sq ft, 15 Sound Barrier wall system in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have completed a 314,000 sq ft, 7 wall system in Atlanta, Georgia. We have also completed a massive 70′ diameter x 50′ deep foundation excavation sheet pile system in Wilmington, NC. Working with outside engineering firms and an in-house staff, we can design and build just about any wall project.

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