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Smith-Rowe’s core business has been building bridges in the heart of North Carolina for over thirty years. This tradition continues to grow as we have branched out to build in almost all of North Carolina. Below is a general description of where all of our trades have grown as we have added capabilities.

  • Bridges – Most of North Carolina (NCDOT Divisions 1 thru 13)
  • Grading – Central North Carolina (NCDOT Divisions 5 thru 12)
  • Clearing – Central North Carolina (NCDOT Divisions 5 thru 12)
  • Demolition – North and South Carolina
  • Walls / Foundations – North and South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee
  • Marine – North and South Carolina Coastal Regions and Rivers
  • Signage – North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee
  • Crushing – North and South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia
  • Utilities / Storm Drain – Central North Carolina
  • Concrete Sawing – North and South Carolina
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"Our TEAM is diversified and qualified with individual commitment to a group effort." 

"We are a multi-faceted, hard working team, active in many types of construction." 

"Smith Rowe prides itself on its large, modern equipment fleet." 

"Since inception, Smith-Rowe has built over 400 bridges." 

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