Smith rowe original office

Original Office


Smith-Rowe was formed in 1983 in Mt. Airy, NC, by Founders Russell Smith and David Rowe and focused on bridges for many years. The company has seen many changes over the years, each one giving us the basis to be where we are today. We are a multi-faceted, hard working team, now active in many types of construction: bridges, grading, roadway, utilities, signage, culverts, walls and foundations, clearing/logging, marine, demolition, and concrete and rock crushing/processing. Below is a timeline detailing the growth of the company since inception:

  • 1979: Surry Bridge Builders formed by Russell Smith and Carl Ray Smith.
  • 1983: Smith-Rowe, Inc. formed by Founders Russell Smith and David Rowe, aided by Owen Stone, Office Manager.
  • 1983: Built first bridge in “Jot Em Down” North Carolina.
  • 1985: Constructed first culvert in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
  • 1994: Constructed first Sound Wall project in Guilford County.
  • 1995: Completed construction of our 100th bridge project.
  • 1998: Untimely passing of one of the original Founders, Mr. Russell Smith.
  • 2000: Completed construction of our 50th culvert.
  • 2002: Completed construction of our 200th bridge.
  • 2007: Awarded first Grading project (King, NC).
  • 2007: Awarded first Utility project (King, NC).
  • 2008: Awarded first demolition job as a subcontractor (Nash County).
  • 2008: Awarded first Signage project.
  • 2010: Completed construction of our 300th bridge.
  • 2011: Formed new Smith-Rowe, LLC, with officers David Rowe (President), Locke Rowe (Vice President), Jody Phillips (Vice President), and Frank Fulp (Secretary).
  • 2011: First Concrete Crushing project (Wake County).
  • 2013: First Clearing project as a subcontractor (Wake County).
  • 2014: Completed Smith-Rowe office / yard expansion project.
  • 2014: Formed Intercoastal Marine, LLC.
  • 2014: Bought our 30th crane.
  • 2015: Have over 200 employees on staff.
  • 2015: Have completed well over 400 bridges and almost 100 culverts.